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The rhetoric

There is this rhetoric out there that it is best for couples like us to hold off on building the nursery, to hold off on buying onesies, diapers, bottles, the gamut. The sentiment, of course, follows the notion that birthmom might change her mind. “You don’t want to look at an empty nursery now, do you?”… Continue reading The rhetoric


Women’s Faith Retreat – October 2016

There is something about a retreat that settles the spirit and beckons us into a place of both longing and satisfaction. That’s because there is nothing on this earth that satisfies like a true relationship with Christ. And when we taste it, we simply want more. That’s the purpose I had in mind when this retreat idea… Continue reading Women’s Faith Retreat – October 2016

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Daniel Fast Breakfast Burritos

A few days ago we started the three-week Daniel Fast, and it didn’t take us long to tire of oatmeal, or “mush” as my mother-in-law terms it. (Which is the perfect word for it, btw.) I mean, I never liked oatmeal to begin with. Now, without any sweeteners allowed, it is even more disgusting. I’ve tried… Continue reading Daniel Fast Breakfast Burritos