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Yes, someday mom… Not a mommy yet

It’s true. I’m not a mom. But I long to be one! Which is an interesting thing, in itself. I didn’t use to be this way. I used to prize my little independence, my freedom. My availability for spontaneous travel and on-the-whim adventuring.

That was before Honey Dude. Now, six months into our marriage, I am smitten, in love, and ready for children. Well, as ready as I’ll ever be, anyways.

So along with our conversations about kiddos has come a sudden eye-opening of two things: 1) life as it is today…with all of its freedoms and fun times, and 2) predicted life as a mother… said freedoms and fun put on hold for…ever?

I know, I know. Parenting has its own share of joys. I believe that. Truly. But the thoughts running in my head are not always happy-hopeful. No, no. There is quite a bit of selfishness that needs to come out yet. Stay tuned for these musings and more right here on this blog. I want to share this journey with you and hear your own tales of dying to self pre-children. Or your fears. Or your victories in parenting. Whatever you’ve got, I’d love to hear it! Let’s journey together in this, friends.


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