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Harvesting with Honey Dude

I mentioned we were co-op members, but did I mention it is the loveliest thing ever? Honestly, it brings me such joy to trek those little rows of tomatoes. One for me, one for the tote. Two for me, two for the tote. I usually plan on going hungry and leaving stuffed. It’s beautiful.

What’s even better is when Honey Dude and I can both go. Together. It is so sweet. Because everything is just better with him. He’s like eye candy and heart candy all in one!

picking apples from the tree
Picking apples
Picking beautiful tomatoes from the vine
Picking beautiful tomatoes from the vine
Orchard lovers
Orchard lovers

Yes, going to the farm is like entertainment for us city folk. But it’s also food! Lots and lots of, what seems, free food. Sure we had five work days and paid $100, but the weekly bag-fuls of bounty have more than paid for itself, just for the sheer joy of it. Now we are on the search for some recipes, including… get this… canning recipes, too!

Neither of us have canned a thing. But we’re excited. Stay tuned for adventures in canning. For now, we’ll  just admire our bowls and bowls full of beautiful fruit.

Tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes
Tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes
Pears, Apples, Tomatoes, oh my!
Pears, apples, tomatoes, oh my!

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