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To host or not to host a Harvest Party

The only thing sweeter than autumn is having people over. Friends, family, loved ones. All piled together around a table… outside, no less, where the cool, crisp fall weather brings out the scarves and sweaters. I suppose the only question one such Oregonian must ask herself is, what is the chance of rain?

Fun and festive harvest party
The makings of a fun and festive harvest party: seasonal food + drink, cute pumpkin decor and friends!

3 thoughts on “To host or not to host a Harvest Party

  1. dear, sweet Becky!
    I love the premise of this new blog of yours and am looking forward to enjoying it just as much as I have enjoyed your BeckyBlueEyes’s Blog over the years! I can’t wait to follow your experiences as your explore these new roles as wife, future mother, et al. (and to try out some Chicken Curry Butternut Squash Bisque in the near future)!
    Much love and best wishes from an old and distant friend,
    the “other” Courtney (a.k.a. CBoe)

    1. Thanks, CB! You have always been an encourager. I would love to hear your opinions and feedback from recipes, love life on your end, and preemptive thoughts on being a mama someday. :) Sending e-hugs and love!!! xo

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