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When I think about having children, all I have to do is think about two little tykes who entered my world in a flash of rockets and rainbows: Wyatt, who once said to me: Becky, I love you rocket tons! And Ivy, in her delightfully cheery voice: Becky, I love you rainbow tons!

Truly, these little angels made it into my heart so quickly that it almost seems we’ve been family from day one. But no, I married into this little duo when I married Honey Dude, their hilarious, loving and wonderful uncle.

Ivy and Wyatt, two adorable little people whom I dearly love
Ivy and Wyatt in their yard, where they have mastered the art of capturing chickens on the run

Ivy told me she loved me the very first day I met her, a short hour or so after we’d first met. It was back when Honey Dude and I were dating, during an overnight trip to his hometown, complete with that inaugural meeting of the parents.

I recall that day well. Enjoying a visit with the brother-in-law (who recently asked if he should sign a waiver at the mention of my new blog), we played with the kiddos at the creek, and I pushed Wyatt on the wooden swing hanging from the front yard tree. It was lovely and grand out there in the country.

Of course, that was when I had my first freak-out. Honey Dude and I had been dating for about four months, and I was just terrified. Every move forward freaked me out. So naturally, this whole meeting-the-parents thing was major. Were we really ready for this? I asked him. Even though I was being ridiculous, he genuinely soothed and comforted me, and when I finally met his parents, it was love at first sight with them, too!

From day one, Pete’s big-ticket platform was progress. He hated the idea of us standing still, or worse, moving backwards. It was always about moving forward and growing. That was the goal.

He was good for me. I needed that.

Now that we’re here in domestic land, I am so grateful for all the ways God has prepared me for this journey. I routinely credit God for all He has done to ready me and Pete, both separately and together, for marriage. His timing is so perfect! I can’t forget that.

So when I think of babies and timing, I don’t have to worry. God has it all tucked into His hands. It’s all figured out. And honestly, that is a great relief.


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