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The vintage wedding dress hunt – in photos

I still remember the great hunt for the perfect wedding dress. I quickly learned that I did not like traditional styles and that vintage styles would suit my personality much better. Plus, I scored my one-of-a-kind dress for $195. Not bad.

My very first dress shopping event was at a just-opened vintage bridal boutique in Portland called Xtabay Bridal Salon. A luxe upstairs addition to their already swoon-worthy vintage shop street-level, Xtabay was the perfect first stop for its ultra girly princess feel and individual, one-bride-at-a-time appointments.

I’d spotted it pre-grand opening and timed my fitting perfectly: just one week after they opened. Since every dress was one-of-a-kind, this was a big bonus, as they’d spent ample time collecting gowns for inventory.

The adorably chic Xtabay Bridal Salon
The adorably chic Xtabay Bridal Salon

It was on that first visit I found My Dress. The dress that made me squeal and jump. But oh, did I try on a few! And they were vastly different in style. I got a few pictures from the event, and I think I definitely chose correct.

wedding dress
The winner. She had me at hello with her simple elegance and ballet scoop neck, its delicate sheath layered with sheer silk and peach trimming. Best of all: a perfect length for cowboy boots!

Some close and not-so-close runner ups:

vintage lace
Beautiful lace and shape but sloppy “wings” didn’t stay put
gypsy chic
I liked the neckline, fit and length but disliked the bejeweled piping and flowy, gypsy-like hem
long train
I learned very quickly that I did not want a train. At all.
traditional strapless
I also discovered that I didn’t want the standard strapless style. At all.
caped dress
…which is why I even gave weird styles a chance, including this one with a cape! (notice Ivy passed out on the floor!)
60s style wedding dress
I quite liked this 60’s style but considered it rather boring in the end. A good getaway dress, like they did in that era.

In the end, I found THE perfect dress for me. I second-guessed myself time and again. But I should have just looked back at those instant smiles. That was my dress. No questions asked.


2 thoughts on “The vintage wedding dress hunt – in photos

  1. Can’t wait for that day – it’ll be so fun! Hehe well of course I can wait but still, I’m excited. Definitely want to check this place out!

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