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Sprouts as salad?!

I’m kind-of a champion of scrounging meals together. Even when it doesn’t look like we’ve got a meal-worthy collection on hand, I can generally whip something together. Some past roommates have questioned the concoctions I’ve thrown together. (Yes, Carrie, I will admit that the cranberry/cottage cheese/tuna/honey combo was a low point. But I still didn’t think it was that bad.) But really, if I have at least one fresh vegetable on hand, we can make it work.

So in “scrounge” mode the other day, I eyed a tall tub of feta, leftover sprouts, and fresh cherry tomatoes from the farm. It sounded delish… and it was delish! I will actually stock up and plan for this one in the future. Tasty, fresh, healthy: the ultimate Becky combo.

sprouts tomatoes feta

sprouts feta tomatoes

Now I am serious. This combo was a show stopper for me. No dressing needed! Just a little sprig of fresh thyme and mint did the trick. Well, actually, the mint was questionable. Note to self: no mint next time.


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