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Living abroad… with little ones!

My best friend is very much like me. She enjoys health and fitness, appreciates simplicity, adores her family, and prioritizes adventure. Plus she is very stylish and fun. Like I said, lots in common.

Now I like a good adventure, but this girl is taking it to extremes by not just visiting, but moving the whole kit and caboodle across the Pacific. We’re talking two children under seven.

The thing is: She is just the type to do it (especially with her equally adventurous husband to back her up). Come to think of it, they always do these wild and crazy adventures as a fam. Which is actually pretty darn inspiring.

As it would appear, adventures don’t stop when children enter the scene.

They rented a sailboat and sailed the Canary Islands when William was a toddler. Then they uprooted and went to Mexico for two months when he was three. They’ve traveled the world. They have gone to Justin Bieber concerts… oh, wait, that’s this Monday. And now, they are moving to Australia. All with children.

Back in 2009, outside their Mexico casita

I have to say, I give them credit for going the distance. For exploring and journeying with their children instead of waiting for the nest to empty. I keep thinking kidland is going to be so restraining and limiting. I need to stop thinking like that! They will be a joy. And it will be a challenge. But life doesn’t stop when the stork drops by.

Must. Remember. This.

So you go, Danah pea! You keep rockin those dreams, kiddos and all. I’ll just be back here watching you pull it all off, saying: Yep, that’s my best friend!


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