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Cute, Inexpensive Maternity Fashion… it’s possible!

When I think about getting pregnant, I think about all of the cute clothes that cute pregnant women wear. I know, I know. I’m getting ahead of myself here. But still. I just had to see what was out there.

And get this… astonishingly, H&M makes maternity clothes. Who knew? Simple, cute styles that are very appropriately priced considering you’ll wear them for six months, tops. All I can say is I know where I am shopping when/if the bun hits the oven.

Adorable sweater in baby pink, $24.95
Everyday denim that I would seriously wear everyday, $34.99
Simple tee with a cute cut and even cuter price tag, $9.95
Uber stylish puffy, $59.95

One thought on “Cute, Inexpensive Maternity Fashion… it’s possible!

  1. Hope you get your wish soon, Becky…..If and when you do have a little one,I’ll bet Momma will keep the airlines busy!!!

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