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A good little Samaritan

When Honey Dude and I first started dating, we went on walks. We had this big loop that took us down to “our” dock where I first rested my head on his shoulder, and where we, over time, began to etch hatches to tally our visits.

We miss that dock now that we’ve moved. But we still go on walks. It remains one of my favorite ways to spend time with my man. Combine quality time and uninterrupted conversation with hand-holding and exercise. Win, win, win.

Zinnias on display Last week we got a delightful surprise during our walk. We came upon these gorgeous, bright flowers that were almost spilling onto the sidewalk as we passed. We had just stopped to admire them when the front door of the flower owner’s home flew open. A lovely woman rushed out to encourage us to take some, meanwhile sharing stats on the flowers (called zinnias) and how to grow them (throw seed onto flowerbed, throw soil over, water!).

It was just the sort of neighborly thing that should happen but rarely does. It was a small thing, really. But what a treat to have someone take time from their day to greet us and bless us.

Your darn tootin I went back with my scissors the next morn. And I collected a fair bounty good enough for two vases’ worth. What fortune! I get so much joy looking at these bright blossoms… for their sheer effortless beauty and for what they represent: a good Samaritan neighbor who went out of her way to spread joy.

Colorful zinnias


4 thoughts on “A good little Samaritan

  1. Zinnias are some of the easiest flowers to grow……disease resistant…….but are annuals and have too be planted every year. I think your neighbor was right..throw the seeds down, cover with dirt and water……What a nice gesture to offer some to you!!!

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