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Speaking of Christmas…

It is mid October, and my first Christmas catalog arrived in the mail. Honestly, I don’t think there is any other holiday (or even day of the year, for that matter) that compares to Christmas. Our world is transformed before our very eyes. Starbucks brings out their red cups, department stores deck the halls accordingly and neighborhoods light up like landing strips.

What on earth? How did this happen? Think about it. Absurd, isn’t it? Truly wacko. All of this hullabaloo about… what? It certainly doesn’t seem to be about Christ.

Now I cannot free myself from guilt here. Oh no. I love Christmas. I’ll drive out of my way to catch a few houses all lit up with love. I’ll host and attend parties. I’ll even stalk the local calendar for festive events. There is so much to soak up and enjoy. People, parties, food and drink. Truly, these are some of my favorite things.

Christmas with the girls
Tree cutting and Santa: 2011 Christmas tradition with my girls… back when I lived with four of my best friends. Just last year?!

But what can I do this year to make it more about Jesus? I don’t need to let go of the activities or feel bad about getting a Christmas tree and decorating my home. No, no. I just want to ADD to it more meaning and significance.

I’ve told Honey Dude that I am over-the-moon excited about creating new traditions with him, thinking of Christmas in particular. But I need some ideas! What are some of your Christmas traditions? From food and fun to spiritual elements, please share below. I’m shy on ideas and could certainly use some help brainstorming. Thanks so much. Enjoy the Christmas season… here already. October 15th.



3 thoughts on “Speaking of Christmas…

    1. I bet it is, Kelsey! But I feel like you would have loads of other traditions. Special meals and such? Oh it must be lots of fun to have kiddos around Christmas… xoxo

  1. Dave and I (yep! the same guy since your visit to Chi-town about 3 years ago!) have the added holiday hoopla of celebrating Christmas AND Hanukkah… Last year, while trying to incorporate both holidays, working full-time, going to school, etc., I became incredibly overwhelmed and threw a tried-and-true CBoe temper tantrum! But, like the eye of a tornado, I/we had a moment of peace and clarity amidst the chaos and a new tradition was born!
    In an effort to embrace the season and remember what it’s truly about (miracles, loved ones, and caring for your fellow men and women), we decided to start a new tradition: rather than giving gifts for the first night of Hanukkah, we would donate/work in each other’s name for a charitable cause that best represents the other. This gift is three-fold: (i) we get the joy of helping others; (ii) it gives us the opportunity to pause and take some time to reflect upon, and recognize, something great about each other; and (iii) on the “reveal,” we each receive a glimpse of how the other sees us (For example, last year, Dave donated to the local humane society on my behalf in recognition of how much I love animals and in memory of my family dog, Nugget, who died earlier in the year. Likewise, I “bought” a flock of geese and ducks from Heifer International in his name because over the summer he got me to take regular walks with him to the park to watch the ducks and geese and their little ducklings and goslings – I loved watching his face light up and his stress dissolve away every time we visited our fine-feathered friends!) We really enjoyed recognizing that animals are such a high priority for us as individuals and as a couple – and like the goobers that we are, we ended up watching tons of “cute animal” videos online for the rest of the night :P .
    It certainly doesn’t have to start on Hanukkah, any arbitrary date during the holiday season would do – it could be your “Give Back to Each Other” Day or “This is what I love about you” Day… Could be a really fun tradition to start for a newlywed couple!

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