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A healthy little breakfast

Yogurt Applesauce DelightI don’t like to get into food ruts. You know, where you have the same meals on repeat, week after week. That’s why I am always brainstorming new recipes and twists to old classics. Plus, meal-making is such an art, such an outlet of creativity. I refuse to believe there are limited options!

The thing is, I’ve gotten myself into a little breakie routine that I just can’t shake. Frankly, because it’s SO GOOD. And healthy. Just how I like to start my day.

So the ingredients: equal parts plain, low-fat yogurt and chunky, homemade (unsweetened) applesauce topped with a teaspoon of flax seeds. So easy, so delish, so filling. Plus it packs plenty of protein, fiber, and calcium, and it even has hard-to-find omegas.

So even though it’s stuck on repeat, I can’t seem to kick this one off the line. It’s just too perfect. Give it a try!


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