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A new kitchen gadget

We’re pretty basic on the gadget front. Probably because we don’t want a bunch of unused tools sitting around. We only want to store what we use.

For instance, we opted to pass on a blender because we have ourselves a little Magic Bullet, which is brilliant and fabulous, and the very first thing I put on our wedding registry. But you can only blend so much. It gets pretty annoying to cycle a stockpot of soup through, 16 ounces at a time. Which is why I don’t puree my soups.

Momma Fairy, however, appreciates a good kitchen gadget when she sees one. Anything that will make cooking simpler, cleaner, and quicker wins major points in her book, and I don’t blame her.

So just last week I got a package in the mail with a Cuisinart SmartStick, perhaps more commonly recognized as an “immersion blender”. I can’t think of a better tool. Take this little magic wand and blend away, right in the soup pot! No transferring. I. Love. It.

What’s more, Momma Fairy sent us one in fuchsia pink! It’s so sharp that I could just hang it on the wall and admire it. But I won’t. I’ll use it! So stay tuned for my review. I may even include a photo of my handsome Honey Dude using it. After all, real men wear pink.

Now to find the perfect recipe…


9 thoughts on “A new kitchen gadget

    1. Oh neat! The tool is def convenient and the mess is less. I really can’t wait to use it. I am thinking about pumpkin butter for the inaugural use. :)

    1. Well I officially used it! AND my nearby laptop got a little pumpkin coating. Uh, note to self: don’t put laptop on the counter directly next to your blender wand. Bad Becky.

        1. Thanks you two! I’m sure you can imagine the adventures we find ourselves in. :) This Honey Dude of mine is a real catch!! Sending love your way. xo

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