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Pumpkin Mess Ups

I know that failures happen in the kitchen. I understand the logic. But I just don’t like it. All the time spent; all the mess and cleanup. All for what? A full garbage can?

And I mean, really, who messes up roasting pumpkin seeds?

It was a spontaneous mission to begin with; wrought with gusto but lacking plan. I was just so excited to use my new puree wand! And late last night it hit me: pumpkin butter. The perfect debut.

So as Honey Dude and I wrapped up our restful Sunday, putting our books, Bibles, and Bananagrams aside, I took one look at the warted pumpkin on our kitchen table and knew. It was time.

roasted pumpkin seeds
Don’t be fooled. They look good; however, they were NOT!

Of course, you can’t cook a pumpkin without making a very nutrient-rich snack from the seeds. That was our first fail. As I was de-pulping and rinsing the seeds, I told Honey Dude I liked tedium; that it didn’t bother me. Later, I looked at Honey Dude with defeat. Shouldn’t you be able to just throw them on a cookie sheet and bake them? His response: I remember it being easy. Like we just threw them on a cookie sheet and baked them. 

I wish I had done just that.

But no. The recipe I discovered had me simmering them for ten minutes, so when they came out, the external membrane was slimy and halfway off. I wanted to give up then but honey wouldn’t let me. So I threw them on a cookie sheet and baked them. For 20 minutes. The result: still soggy yet stale-like, with that thin membrane holding on for dear life.

So to the trash they went.

Meanwhile, my pumpkin had to bake for over an hour before I could puree it and make it into a lovely pumpkin butter. In that time I discovered that we didn’t have apple cider, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, fresh ginger, or pure maple syrup. Pretty much all of the ingredients needed, short of the pumpkin.

So I learned that spontaneous does not always play out in your favor. Two hours later, with a mounted mess around me, I spooned the pumpkin puree into glass jars and shelved them for another day.

The one great success in this whole drama: the immersion blender is magical! Just brilliant. Thanks, Momma Fairy!! I love it. One small note: don’t have your laptop nearby. I ended up with a pumpkin-coated screen. Ew.

Oh the lessons we learn…


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