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To Halloween or not to Halloween

"Cubs Fan" Halloween costume
Another reason why I love my bestie, Tina. Willing to dork it out, all the way. She’s a true Cubs fan, indeed.

Halloween is one of those odd holidays for adults without children. I realized I was past the dress-up parties three years ago when I showed up to a party and stood around feeling foolish. Half the women were obnoxiously under-dressed and looking for cat calls while the rest of us felt awkward in their presence. It was weird.

So now I’m in this middle land where Halloween doesn’t matter. There are no kiddos to entertain, no parties I’d like to attend. So what shall I do? Sit at home and hand out candy to the little ones running door-to-door? Even that sounds too involved.

That’s it, really. I just want to be un-involved. I don’t want to celebrate Halloween. And if that makes me old and lame then that’s ok. I’ll be old and lame. I get to… for now.

When the kiddos come, it will be a whole different story.


3 thoughts on “To Halloween or not to Halloween

  1. A few years back, a gaggle of gussied-up gals (50+) went to a dance not realizing we should have been in costumn. “Where’s your costumns?”, quipped an outspoken biker boy. JoAnn, the witty one, replied with straight face, “We are in costumn…we’re men”.

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