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Adventure Buddies

Wednesday is honey day. It’s a day when we both have off and take time to just be together. No matter what we do, we always have fun and laugh like little children. Sometimes we hike, sometimes we bake. Sometimes we tackle the “to do” list in tandem.

Adventure buddies!
Adventure buddies taking shelter from the rain

On this particular Wednesday, seven months (to the day) from our wedding, we did all three. It was quite the day. We started off with a hike up Angel’s Rest in the Columbia Gorge followed by a trip to the market complete with one giant Pumpkin Spice Latte for sharing. From there, we spent the second half of the day in the kitchen, tackling three recipes that I’ll have to share later. Hearty beef stew for dinner plus “his” and “her” cookies: Pete’s batch for an upcoming harvest party, mine for tonight’s small group.

I have to tell you, spending an afternoon in the kitchen is not always easy. But with Honey Dude, every little task and to-do is an adventure.

It reminds me of our early dating period when I was freakishly scared of investing my heart in a man. Honey Dude talked about love as if it were real and lifelong, sacrificial and selfless. A gift from God. I didn’t see it that way. At one point, probably with a lot of frustration and drive, Honey Dude asked me a question: I just wonder what you’re looking for. Is it love, or something else?

It was something else. I realized it then, when he asked me. I wanted an adventure buddy.

I soon concluded that I was cheating myself with such shallowness. Life wasn’t all fun and folly. I needed a man who could own the hard times and fight for our marriage; I needed a man who was humble and loved like there was no tomorrow. Someone who was kind, gentle, sincere, and treated me with respect. Pete, my Honey Dude, was all of those things and more.

Faith: the best adventure
A journal gift made with love from Honey Dude to me

I grew up then. I matured. I suddenly understood that it wasn’t all about what I could receive but what I could give. When I looked at the sacrifices and love that this man bestowed upon me, I wanted nothing more than to love him back.

So I sacrificed the ideals of having an adventure buddy. After all, he didn’t rock climb or snowboard; he didn’t bag peaks or backpack. But I chose to look past that. And what I’ve learned is that adventure is a mindset, not a lifestyle. Pete’s adventurous spirit affects all aspects of our life, not just extreme sports. He makes cooking into an adventure! He makes gardening an adventure. I am endlessly filled with joy around this man.

In the end, God has blessed me with the best adventure buddy ever. It’s really no surprise that, once I allowed God to direct my path, he showed me what real adventure could be.


4 thoughts on “Adventure Buddies

  1. Love, love, love it! After 31 years of love, and life and laughter ( including hard times and fights) Steve and I are still adventure buddies. You and your guy will be too – for a lifetime, I just know it!!!

    1. That’s so great to hear. Good job! It takes intentionality, doesn’t it? Keep it up! And feel free to share other tips! xo

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