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Hearty beef stew

I didn’t eat much red meat in my single days. In fact, I ate mostly vegetarian. Put a man in your life and the red meat comes around. There’s no way around it. So I just embrace it and count it as a fine way to get my iron. And a chance to experiment with new recipes.

This one originated from the near-full carton of beef stock left in the fridge following Honey Dude’s gourmet steak dinner (topped with a rich cream sauce that we agreed made it a once-a-year kinda splurge for its price tag and its calories). Not surprisingly, the recipe I discovered came from the same author of Pete’s steak recipe: the lovely web celeb, Ree Drummond of the well-known and loved Pioneer Woman blog.

Besides taking a lot of time to simmer, the recipe was simple and the ingredients basic. Honey Dude loved it. The beef was so tender and the flavors all right. The only thing I would have changed is making a larger batch to come home to, night after night, for a whole week running.

Find the recipe here. But for the short of it…

Brown your stew meat in olive oil and butter (yes, both!) and set aside.

Brown your stew meat in olive oil and butter

Saute your onion and garlic, then add broth and beef plus paprika and beer. Simmer for 1.5 hours.

Add your beer of choice

Then add your cut new potatoes and carrots, simmering for another 30 minutes.

Saute onion and garlic then add the browned beef plus cut potatoes, carrots, broth

Top with some fresh chopped parsley for looks and taste, mind you.

Top with a little fresh chopped parsley

Enjoy in warm company on a rainy fall eve, then wrap up in blankies and snuggle.

Two hours later: delicious beef stew

Yep, snuggle.


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