A new Bible

I lose cool things. Even Honey Dude once told me that.

Most things I can do without. It’s just stuff that can be replaced. But when I lost my Bible and near-complete journal this summer, I was bummed. Those can never be replaced. A journal filled with a mountain of thoughts and memories, prayers and cries of my heart? Priceless. It also didn’t help that our wedding gifts were documented in that journal, forcing us to thank our guests and givers by memory (I know; the horror! We sincerely hope we didn’t forget anyone!).

The thing is, it gives me hope knowing that someone could have discovered that journal of mine and read something good. And I mean something touching; something doused in the Holy Spirit.

Even better is if that person found my Bible, too. It was just soaked in history. Worn leather, scriptures underlined, insight scribbled into the margin. It could be such a light! Sure, I miss it. But I have a new Bible now. Nothing underlined or highlighted. Just pure and lovely smelling. I can’t wait to mark it up!


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