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Harvest Party

I made a little fall to-do list about a month back, and I have to say I did pretty well. Eight out of ten. The only two I didn’t tackle: pressing cider at the farm and hosting a harvest party in our backyard. That second one had me excited there for a bit. In the end, I decided Oregon weather is too finicky to plan something outside in October.

So we went to a harvest party instead. That should count for something.

Having hosted a few bashes, large and small, I can say it is a wonderful joy and a great stress to host a party. What makes party-planning increasingly more difficult is this running trend of cancellations and guests who don’t RSVP for fear of something better coming up. Or worse, saying they will attend and then simply not showing.

Of course, I’ve done it all. I cannot exclude myself from this sorry bunch. And I am not proud. I want to be a person of my word and put things on the calendar and keep them there, out of respect for my friendly hosts.

So it was refreshing to see the turnout at the farm harvest party, despite the heavy rain. Kiddos and their parents came out in their wellies and mud boots. We got a little dirty, we drank cider, we feasted. We carved pumpkins, enjoyed a caramel apple bar and sat on hay bails. It was a great party hosted by wonderful folks and shared like a family. Just how it should be.

harvest party pumpkins
Yes, the two on the far right are ours.

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