A happy little story

Today at church I met someone new. I liked her right away. And then I heard her awesome testimony. We’re talking, two minutes after just meeting. I love that.

It was so darn inspiring.

The story started on a cruise, where she and her live-in boyfriend met a couple from California. After five days, they learned he was a pastor who’d been sent on the cruise by his church. When that pastor later led them to Christ, it was obvious why he had been sent!

From there, they got plugged into a church and joined a small group, where someone boldly asked: If you call yourselves Believers than what are you doing living together? Miraculously, they didn’t get offended, but instead joked: If you throw us a wedding, we’ll do it. 

One of my favorites: The Giving Tree

So they did. The group responded in love. They rallied to get her a wedding dress and catering and all of the pieces. And they had themselves a little wedding.

By the time she finished telling her story, I wished I’d had the opportunity to help with the wedding! Imagine the joy all of those people got from helping this couple make such a sound step. Oh what delight to take part in the blessing!

The funny thing is, we have such a hard time receiving from others. We forget that allowing people to bless us is a great blessing to the givers, as well. Her story is such a reminder that giving amounts to double portions of joy, for giver and receiver alike.

It just makes me want to give all the more!



One thought on “A happy little story

  1. What a beautiful story. It seems that the more of a giver you are, the harder it is to receive. I wonder why that is? Thanks for reminding me of this beautiful childhood favorite book.

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