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The one egg wonder

Most days I strive to start my day out right with a healthy, protein-rich breakfast that will carry me through mid-morning. If I eat too many simple carbs and sugars, I am rudely unsatisfied and will tend to munch my way through the day. It’s not good.

With so much weight (no pun intended) on that very important first meal, I am routinely on the lookout for new breakfasts. And just as Honey Dude predicted, I got sick of the yogurt-applesauce-flax seed combo. Which means I need a replacement very quickly (especially since I keep grabbing for the pumpkin butter)!

Being creative one morning, I scrounged together an open-faced Egg-Spinach-Feta-Avocado combo and plum loved it. With a strong supply of phytonutrients and protein, it is healthy, filling and satisfying, plus super duper delicious. It scores major points for getting all of those categories in one meal. But even better yet, it’s easy!

Here’s the deal: Grab your toast, throw on some cut avocado, fresh spinach and feta. Then cook up an egg (I like mine cooked in a teensy bit of olive oil, like a pancake) and toss it on top. Add a bit of S+P and voila! Breakfast of champions. Seriously delish. Seriously filling.

Egg Spinach Avocado Feta
Egg + Spinach + Avocado + Feta = Yumwhich

Of course, I can’t eat eggs every day. So help! Any other breakfast ideas out there? You know what I’m looking for. :)


One thought on “The one egg wonder

  1. I love all of those foods & that bread looks so light and delicious! Recently I started making smoothies for breakfast. They fill me up, I get a dose of veggies (without the taste of them – though I like veggies), and I feel energized. Recently I read a post from the blog Oh She Glows about breakfast smoothies. I’m going to try that recipe next! This is the link if you are interested:

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