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Wanted: Baby instructions

I was at a craft night last week when the conversation turned to babies. No, let me clarify. It started with babies and it ended with babies. Nothing but babies all night long.

And while I sound a little bit annoyed by this (and perhaps very routinely I used to be), I suddenly realized I have crossed the threshold. I no longer cringe, with nothing to say or add, or even to understand. I no longer wish for a swift exit. I actually listen. I linger. And I get it. I finally understand.

All of these moms want advice. They want to talk babies because it’s foreign and new and quite honestly, overwhelmingly so. They want to know if their child is normal. They want tips. They want instruction. After all, there are no instructions with babies. They just happen.

And when they do happen, what are you left with? Good, solid intuition, faith, and… other women. Women who have been there before.

Thus I get it. Because we want to have a family. And babies are foreign territory. Something tells me I won’t be able to just casually put on and take off the “momma” hat… ever. It is full-time and forever. It’s so hard to imagine.

I just hope we will be humble enough to say: Help! Never done this before.



2 thoughts on “Wanted: Baby instructions

  1. Just for the record, that was Curtis’ comment on the diaper. Don’t know why name came up. You will make wonderful parents!!

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