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The business of being a mom

Through my adult years, I’ve only been to, or hosted a handful of what we’d call “direct sales” parties. You know, where one gal comes in and sets up shop in your living room, while the ladies enjoy simple noshings and girlie conversation (which centers more and more around children, as I age)… and, of course, shop the product. They get out their pens and make wish lists, collectively oohing and ahhing over certain items.

It is brilliant. Because women love doing things in numbers. We love to get together, and it’s just another excuse to do so. Add in some cocktails, some coffee and a lovely mini buffet of bite-sized treats, and you have yourself a comfortable little environment for… shopping.

I am just very intrigued by the whole thing. Namely, that a person could make some sort of living from it. But when a dear friend had her launch party last night, I realized that I know a multitude of women who do this sort of thing. What’s more, they are women whom I look up to. Sensible, smart women.

So I figure there must be something to this.

A common thread between said women: they are mothers. Not surprisingly, they explored some income options along the way that would give them more time at home with their children. Whether or not this is an accurate parallel, it makes  me think of a Proverbs 31 woman.

I have recently been stuck on the verse, “She considers a field and buys it; with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard” (v. 16). I’ve wondered what that verse means for the modern woman. We don’t buy fields around these parts. But the language implies that a Proverbs 31 woman uses wisdom and sound judgement to invest her money in a profitable endeavor.

That can look very different, depending on the individual gifts we’ve been born with. For the stylish, extroverted types: selling jewelry. For the cook: selling kitchen goods. For the crafty: selling stamps or handmade aprons on etsy. For the writer: selling words?

I am wondering what I will be doing when kids come into the picture. Will I continue to work part-time, as I believe I will? Or will I come up against a wall, wanting more and more time with my kid(s)? I suppose only time will tell, but I am so antsy to figure it all out. And we’re not even expecting! I just like to know the plan; I like to wrap my head around some things before I launch into them. (Hence, why I talk about babies before they are a reality… and why it took my patient Honey Dude four steady months of courting for my heart to turn to him.)

If you are in such business, do share below. Moms, especially! How did you make the choice to go for it, and has it been good?

Thanks for reading and sharing and spreading the love. Heart you! xoxo




One thought on “The business of being a mom

  1. I am a SAHM of 4 babies! I love being a mom, but I had to make the decision, either go back to work & miss precious time with my babies or find something else. I refused to leave my LO’s at home, then I went out in search for something else. Thats when I found Gold Canyon. It truely has been one of the best things outside of my family that has ever happened to me! I feel alive again, I feel like I have something for me. Its so wonderful !!! Check out my website to see more Gold Canyon Stories.

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