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A thankful heart

There was a time in my life when I feared marriage through and through. In fact it wasn’t that long ago.

Eight months into my marriage, I am still overwhelmed and overjoyed by the transformation God took me through. It was a lengthy process to reverse the lies that chained me.

He started by revealing root issues back in 2007. I didn’t think I was worthy, nor beautiful. I didn’t understand how God could love me, nor how I could love God back. I couldn’t cope with the pain and loss from my parents’ divorce, nor the subsequent fears of marriage.

So it was a combination of elements that helped build that protective wall ten stories tall, keeping any man from my tender little heart.

When Honey Dude entered the scene, four years later, I had just recently overcome a mountain of hurt. It was then, after I’d dealt with old wounds and broken dreams, that I was free to love and be loved. It was then, after I rebuilt my foundation on The Rock, I was free to let this man into my heart.

It’s the tough times in our lives that threaten to harden us, or protect at all costs. But it is such a burden to bear: all that hurt. I have experienced true freedom in Christ and I tell you, it is far, far sweeter to choose faith over fear. We were built to love and to love well.

The truth is, it was a long, beautiful journey in the end. No, it’s not pretty to look back and see the crummy lies that owned me. But it is a joy to see the way God used that, how He delicately spoke to me and loved me and repurposed my heart.

For that, I am grateful. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends! May you find yourself in a season of thanks and reflection all the days of your life!


One thought on “A thankful heart

  1. God is truly faithful. He is bigger than all our wounds. There is no hurt He cannot heal, no void He cannot fill. Glory to God. I am so thankful for Honey Dude and the way in which he loves you and cherishes you.

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