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My mom, the encourager

Mom, the encourager

I got a message from my mom the other day which read: I miss your blog. I love her; she is by far my Number One Fan.

Well, I miss it too! Between the holiday travels and a computer on the fritz, my happy little blog has seen neglect. And I don’t like it one bit. Because this space has become so much more than just a love nest of words and photos. It’s become a place where I collect inspiration and dream big dreams. It’s where I relive, recount, and remember what God has done in my past, and it’s a reminder of what He can do in my future.

We so easily forget. We overcome big hurdles, momentous pain, and financial strain and frequently fail to look back. We move on, with renewed hope and courage. And then we forget.

But moms don’t forget. They remember all that you went through. They feel your pains and gains almost as much as you feel them. After all, you are their precious child, whom they have learned to protect and promote since infancy. It certainly doesn’t stop after you’ve grown into an adult!

At least, that’s how my mom is. And I love that she is the one to comment on my blog posts — all of my posts, for that matter! For one, it is the highest form of flattery (hint, hint) to a blogger who offers up the secrets of her heart. For two, it is encouraging. It says: Keep going. You can do it. You’re doing good, honey. 

And the truth is, I have always been able to count on my mom for this. It sure delights me to think I might have the joy of doing the same for my kids someday. Thanks, Mom, for being my promoter, my encourager, my coach. I sure do love you! xoxo


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