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The Gift of Time

Christmas is a special season, no doubt. We spend extra time with friends and family. We bake and make merriment, gather and feast. It is unlike any other stretch of the year. And I just love it.

I don’t know about you, but when I start piling on the social events, it tends to get stressful. Your schedule gets thrown, your stomach gets stretched, and your social capacity gets tested. It can be tempting to get a bit humbugger in the midst of it. For there is a price for all that partying and crafting and special meal-making; it’s called time, by far our most precious commodity. Christmas love

The thing is, there is nothing I would rather do on earth than spend time with loved ones. It is worth every bit of lost sleep and sacrificed simplicity. Having had two couples over tonight for dinner and games, my belly not only aches from the double-dose of cupcakes; it aches from laughter.

It is a refreshing reminder that all we really have here on earth is time, when you think of it. We can spend time with others, with God, in service, in joy. Or we can spend time alone, in a state of semi-consciousness in front of a TV.

Enter record screech. Scratch that last one please.

About time, there are a few songs out there that always speak to me. Their message: Live like you are dying, like tomorrow is your last.

And I am pretty sure that has been my M.O. for about a decade now. It all started when I was a young 18-year-old and just convinced that I was going to die young. And I never really stopped living like I might. In the young years, it was about traveling and doing extreme adventures like heli-boarding and rock climbing in Spain. Now it’s about extreme love. To serve and love others well, to share my joy and encourage, to receive the help of a true friend. That’s the hope and the desire, anyways. If only my selfishness didn’t come in to steal the show so often…

When I think about how I’d like to spend my time here on earth, for this short span of 100 years max, what do I want to look back and see? I guess I just want to enjoy giving and loving and being and trusting. Simple things, really. But things that take effort and time.

Time well spent, I say. Live like you’re dying. It’s the new YOLO.


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