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The importance of building up

As I was doing the dishes this morning, I smiled recalling the recent words Honey Dude shared with me. “You make me feel accomplished,” he’d said.

My hero!
My hero!

The truth is, he is accomplished. He is driven in his job and, even more admirable, he’s a go-getter around the house, quick to start and finish jobs without even an ask (while I would probably stack them neatly in the “to do” pile, mounting evermore in my mind and on my desk).

But it’s more than the truth that makes me melt. I help him feel like a success.

And oh, he is a great success. I think it all the time. But it gives me increasing amounts of joy to know that my words and my actions help affirm him and build him up. And why wouldn’t I do so? I’m his biggest fan.

That’s the thing about marriage. We are a team. We are each other’s biggest fans. A success for Honey Dude is a success for me. And vice versa. If we aren’t cheerleading for our spouse, who will? And more importantly, who is? Do we want another person doing this important job? Wouldn’t we really want that to come from us? It’s too special to just give it away like that.

Because the truth is, I know that feeling. That warm, all-over tingling sensation when my husband encourages me or complements me for my character. It is irreplaceable! And so, so inspiring.

I think more marriages would thrive with this one simple thing. And really, it is a simple thing. It just takes a little intentionality, and other-mindedness. Sure, you might notice these awesome qualities in your spouse, but do you take the time to share them?

I hope to never forget the power of my words and the impact of sincerity. Like Honey Dude says, it only inspires him to be even better! You can’t go wrong with that.


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