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On babies: WAIT

I very routinely ask parents if they would have waited to have children or not. Most often, the reply is: WAIT. Take time for yourself, they say. Enjoy the simplicity of two. Travel. 

Just a twosome in the snow… for now!

What they are basically saying is: There is no going back. What’s done is done, and there is no reversing it. No going back to the simple, twosome days. No spontaneous trips to the mountain. No more Christmas presents for the adults.

It’s overwhelming to receive this input, again and again. Especially when you are already planning for babies… soon. On the one hand, it makes me second-guess the whole thing. And it terrifies me. But on the other hand, it draws me in. Because who doesn’t like a good challenge?

I have good friends who moved to Australia with two kids. I have other friends who go camping and skiing with their kids,and I know others who swap it all for parenthood and find the new journey just as exciting. So it would appear that the adventures don’t stop. In fact, they are almost enriched!

In all truth, I feel ready. Despite the fears, despite the inconvenience of it all, I think I am actually ready. Now to see if it’s in God’s plans… we’ll just have to wait and see. Oh the game of waiting…


3 thoughts on “On babies: WAIT

  1. Wait indeed. ;) I have travelled the last 18 months with my fiancé… but I am tired of it! Can you believe that? I am soooo looking forward to getting married (January 4th of next year!) and having babies. Yes, I am ready… and looking forward to following your blog, looks like you have some experience I could use (especially the vegetable garden) ;)

    1. I do believe it! Like everything, even traveling gets old. It’s nice to be settled. I feel that way, now that I’m married. Very settled… in spirit. It’s great! Thanks for the encouragement; I just love blogging, but even more than that, I like when people find it helpful. :) Thanks a million; enjoy your journey ahead. Such sweet moments in those engagement days… xo

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