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Friends… And Two Easy Fabric Projects

You know how you have friends and then you have friends?  The latter is what our hilarious and lovely friends, Tyler and Lynsee became in one short month, when an offer to do dinner together turned into two, quickly followed by plans for ski dates and long weekend getaways.

I suppose it’s my fault for not introducing my Honey Dude to them sooner. They were always fun and encouraging, and the three of us would get together for happy hour and hikes, or dinner and games at their house. I never felt like a third wheel with them. (Come to think of it, I never really felt like a third wheel with any couple. Let’s just say, I was the single one for a while.)

Now that we’re a foursome, it’s fun to gush over recipes and body cleanses, talk about the Lord’s work in our lives, and laugh. A lot.

Fabric funI also love Lynsee’s style. So much so, that I snapped some photos of her place for pointers and landed a few DIY ideas while I was at it. So simple and chic, I love the wall decor she made with embroidery rings, fabric, and spray paint, of all things. It’s one of those projects I can start and finish in a day, and utilize fabric, adorable fabric. I love fabric, you see. There are altogether too many precious prints out there. But since I don’t really sew or quilt, it’s a sad love that never gets to blossom. Until now!

Fabric wrapped balls

What’s more, Lynsee took the leftover fabric, cut it into strips, and wrapped foam balls to toss into a bowl on her coffee table. Brilliant, easy, and oh so coordinated. Yep, I have a feeling this friendship will continue to thrive.


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