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His and Her Lunches

I know this is probably a no-brainer, but I just discovered the art of packing lunches. It involves one key component that I frequently forget: thinking ahead.

Back when I was single, this sort of thing never would have bothered me. I have packed my lunches since high school, never a fan of eating gross cafeteria food and always on the lookout for ways I could save a dime — and calories.

Little baggies of love and carrots

But now I have this other half. And I pack his lunches, too. Since he gets up at 3am, this means I have to put it together the night before. (Funny enough, I only pack his lunch, waiting til the morn to pack mine. Some things never change.)

I did that for a while before I realized I could spend Sunday evenings cutting up several bags’ worth of veggies, to last the whole week. Brilliant. Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Not only do we have healthy lunches, we have healthy go-to snacks around the house for the perpetual snack-attack between meals.


One thought on “His and Her Lunches

  1. I often ask myself, “What behaviors can I learn from healthy people?” I’ll add this to my list….perhaps someday I’ll actually do it.

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