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Proud parents

Egg carton seed sower

In our first month of marriage, Honey Dude and I decided we wanted to plant a vegetable garden. It was fun. We took a friend’s $60 cash wedding gift and went straight to the store, where we picked out seeds and starts and then excitedly planted them in an egg carton to grow. It was touching watching them sprout in our windowsill. Like proud parents, we tenderly cared for them and celebrated each new growth.

Baby kale growth

It’s hard to believe we’re in that same place, almost one year later. We got the bug over a week ago, when the Portland sun stuck around for more than a day and the flip-flops came out on rare occasion.

Already, we’ve had to move our beans to a larger pot, and the kale sprouts are soon to follow. Like last year, our tomatoes are struggling. And we’re not really sure when to plant. They could freeze and wilt if we plant too early. Yet we don’t want them getting too cozy in their homey pots… what if they never want to leave?

It’s like children. How much do you challenge them and how much do you nurture them? On the one hand, you don’t want to enable them, and on the other, you don’t want to crush their spirits. Oh, it’s such a mystery. Good thing it’s just plants. For now!


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