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Everyday smoothie

mango banana goodness While on The Cleanse, I’ve put a lot of energy into brainstorming new dinners so I don’t get burnt-out-sick of the same thing. Strange how my lunches and breakfasts don’t get the same pressure. Turns out, I’m fine having a salad every day for lunch and the exact same smoothie each morning.

You would too if you tasted this gem. Plus, I stocked up on frozen mango chunks from Trader Joe’s. Mango is on the “clean” list for its typical lack of pesticides. Bananas* are on that list, too, which means I can feel good about not dropping extra dough on organic produce where I can spare it (which is why I have a hard time reaching for spendy organic berries, otherwise on the dirty dozen list).

Mango banana smoothie
The recipe:

  • A handful of frozen mango chunks
  • 3/4 banana
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp flax seeds

The flax adds a lot. Protein, nutty flavor, plus a rich and creamy consistency. It feels like dessert for breakfast. And I’m really not tempted to change it up!

Well, actually… I am. I feel a little guilty, like I should be adding some kale and greens in there. In fact, my friend at Better Bites has a few green smoothie recipes I’ll be checking out here soon. Stay tuned!

*I try to buy organic bananas, because banana pesticides make the men workers infertile! So even though we don’t get the harmful effects in our bodies, I don’t want to support the harm of others because of it.


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