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Cabbage wraps

cabbage wraps Every day I make my Honey Dude a sandwich for lunch. Sometimes it has turkey, cheese and bell peppers, sometimes it has roast chicken, avocado, and spinach. But no matter what, it always looks so darn good.

Yet I can’t nibble a bit of cheese or savor a piece of bread spread with butter. Nope, I have to touch and smell all that goodness and then step away from the cookie jar, away from temptation. Oh the things we do for love.

Cabbage wrap II
I had found that a sandwich was hard to replicate on this month-long detox diet, with all grains (not just glutenous grain) off-limits. So I got creative.

Maybe people have done this before, but I thought myself brilliant when my eyes landed on a beautiful, round cabbage sitting in the organic section. It was cheap, for one. Plus, it would make the ideal wrap for sandwich fixings.

How to:

Just discard the two outer leaves and then use each large frond as home to any and all ingredients you can imagine, then wrap it up like a little, square burrito. My favorite combo: roast turkey (natural, nitrate-free), avocado, black pepper, balsamic vinegar, and sesame seeds. The balsamic is a needed ingredient, in my opinion. But you could put last night’s leftover in there, too (like the ground turkey-quinoa-kale concoction we had last night). Whatever the case, it’s easy and fun, and definitely gives you that sandwich satisfaction. I guess there’s just something about eating with your hands…


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