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Smoothie pops: Super simple sweet treat

smoothie pops I went about a week without dessert before craving it. I should get a gold star, save the fact that I am now on a sweet run, and I’m thinking up all kinds of yummy delights that can fit within my detox diet.

Really, there is a lot you can do, on the sweet front. It’s called fruit, glorious fruit: God’s perfect little food gift to us humans.

smoothie popLast week, I’d been satisfying the sweet tooth with an easy-peel clementine. This week, I’m getting creative. First to try was a simple smoothie pop. I was making smoothies every morning anyways, so it was easy to just pour some leftovers into a Popsicle mold. [I used my ultra delicious everyday smoothie recipe with mango, banana, flax seed, and coconut milk.]

The beautiful little gem came out looking so cute and colorful. Not only that, it felt special. Like I was enjoying a real treat. Man, I’m easy to please these days. I should just keep this up!

xo Becky Blue Eyes

p.s. I also made banana ice cream and apple crisp. Reviews and recipes to come! ;)


One thought on “Smoothie pops: Super simple sweet treat

  1. Pat, pat, pat. Could you feel that? It’s me giving you a pat on the back. I’m so proud of how focused you are…I tend to give up quite easily. Those pops are cute….we used to make pops when I was a child (not the healthy kind). Really, they still make the molds?! Stay the course! Think of what a healthy environment your someday baby will enjoy!!

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