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1st Anniversary Pie Party

576493_10150639416101621_1820164672_nYesterday was our One Year Anniversary. It’s hard to believe twelve months have already passed since that blessed day in the Oregon countryside where we tied the knot, followed by a lovely barn party packed with our nearest and dearest.

During our honeymoon, it was the people we gushed about most. We recalled the sweet chatter, the emotional toasts, and the sheer, childlike fun captured on everyone’s faces. It was a party for the ages. But it was also deeply spiritual, and the love we felt from our friends flowed through our bodies like little champagne bubbles of joy.

In an effort to celebrate our year, we thought it only fitting to throw a party and celebrate with the people who’ve been there to support, love, and encourage us through the journey. I also happened to be reading Beth Howard’s lovely read, Making Piece: A memoir of love, loss, and pie. A fantastic book filled with grief, hope, and courage, Beth found comfort and healing in baking pie. At the close of the book, I went straight to the kitchen and baked my first ever apple pie, including my second ever made-from-scratch crust. All of this to say, I knew right then and there we needed to throw a pie party.

pie spread


Coconut Cream Pie

Milk and Coffee station111

While it was absolutely wonderful to see all of our friends and to delight them with pie, baking said pie was not the least bit holistic for me. Beth Howard may have found it to be calming. But I was a ball of stress with not one, but several bloopers that had me near tears. While I’m tempted to say that pie just isn’t for me, I’m also tempted by the challenge. I have to be able to do this, right? Gluten-free crust, I’m after you. You’re mine. I will conquer!


2 thoughts on “1st Anniversary Pie Party

  1. Ahhhh……We’re just so happy for the two of you. What fun to see that you kept and reused some of the wedding décor. Your wedding surely was a blessed event. One we will always treasure. I don’t know where you got your creativity and courage in the kitchen. But I surely can relate to being a ball of stress next to tears.

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