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For the love of pie

I don’t know how I started a food blog. That was never my intent. But here I am snapping photos of every meal, dreaming up new recipes to share with a small collection of folk who follow my humble blog. It’s an odd thing, this blogging. But it’s very holistic for me, and very natural. Most unlike baking pie.

Honey Dude's picture-perfect Coconut Cream Pie (Gluten Free just for me!)
Honey Dude’s picture-perfect Coconut Cream Pie (Gluten Free just for me!)

As I mentioned in my post about our Pie Party, I discovered that my adventures in pie did not come without tears or tantrums. Truly, pie is an art. And should anyone excel at it, they must realize the grandiosity of their craft. It should not be taken lightly.

My horror of an experience started with the mini apple pies and lasted all the way through the special crisp I tailor made for a non-dairy, gluten-free friend. That is to say the cinnamon pumpkin tart and the harvest peach pie suffered blunders, as well. Honey Dude, on the other hand, made two picture-perfect pies, right on cue. No struggles, no stress. Being the solid, gracious husband that he is, he was there to encourage me and laugh with me, and sign up for about four rounds of dishes to keep my tears at bay.

Mini Apple PiesThe mini apple pies were such a great idea! In theory. They were a good filler, rounding out the pie board with something cute and unique. I found them on Yum for Tum, one of my fave food blogs. Her photos made them look lovely and flaky and just perfect. I decided to make them the day before the party and made the mistake of covering them overnight, locking in the moisture and thus losing the flake, replacing it with what looked like chewy crust. Not good. Of course, it’s all speculation because I didn’t try them (they weren’t gluten-free). Cutting pie rounds

[For the sake of the party, I was allowed a “free pass” from the cleanse. My only restriction: gluten and peanuts.]

I also struggled to bond the top crust with the bottom crust, being so small and hard to manage. In all truth, I just stuffed the top crust down along the sides, pressing the dough together with my fingers. It was not a good method. They looked a little goofy in the end.

Mini pies

For the fuss factor, I think I’ll probably veer away from these little guys in the future. If I’m going to make pie, I’ll make PIE. A regular, classic 8″ pie with a top crust or crumble, or maybe one day, a lattice top (Lord help me!).

I didn’t even go into the troubles of making/rolling out/transferring the dough or the failed pumpkin puree. I didn’t touch the gluten-free pie crust debacle or the tapioca balls that failed to soften, resulting in bites full of pebbles. Let’s just say, I’m now determined to travel to the world of perfect pie. If not for Beth Howard’s lovely memoir, I probably wouldn’t be in this place. But her adventures in pie-making were just so… dreamy. Plus, she left a few recipes in the book’s end pages. A good start, at least.

13 thoughts on “For the love of pie

  1. I hear your every frustration and have been there many, many times. I must say, however, that your presentation is awe – inspiring. Now, that you get from your mother!

  2. I can sympathize about gluten-free desserts being tricky to make, as well as pies, but they are oh so delicious when they come out right! I like to stick with cobblers because I think they are easier and just as tasty, seeing as I’m not one of those pie-fans that lusts after the crust. I’d just as rather have an oatmeal crumble topping. Now you’ve got me thinking about pie!

    1. I know! Sorry! But you’re right… a crumble is just as satisfying, if not more. And it’s a heckofa lot easier, too. Speaking of gluten free desserts, I just saw GF chocolate cupcakes with a buttercream frosting at Trader Joe’s. When the cleanse is over, I’m heading there stat. :)

    1. Thanks! I wish it had all turned out picture perfect and yummy. I think it was all pretty tasty in the end but it could have been better! Are you a big pie fan? Have any effortless recipes?? :)

    1. Thanks! It is my husband’s best pie and my favorite, conveniently. He even made it gluten free for me!! I know, the crust is really the hardest part. I am determined to learn. Sadly, I’ve never been a key lime fan. Any other pie recipes? :)

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