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Pumpkin quinoa breakfast

019 I recently posted a blog featuring my new favorite breakfast, of cooked quinoa and pureed banana. Like oatmeal in consistency, and with the lovely taste of cinnamon stick, it is simply comfort food at its best.

With a jar of fresh pumpkin puree, I had my eyes set on another yummy breakfast. But if you’ve ever tried unsweetened pumpkin puree, it is not very sweet by nature. All of those delish pumpkin recipes out there rely on one key ingredient: sugar.

However, with my cleanse, I haven’t done any sugar for two weeks straight (minus my anniversary cheat day). Not just refined sugar, but agave syrup, honey, stevia, and all others are out too. Strangely, it hasn’t been too difficult. Probably because I’ve found fruit to be a tremendously satisfying treat, and the best sweetener in the case of pumpkins.

fresh pumpkin pureeSimilar to my banana quinoa recipe, I blended a half of a banana and about a half cup of pumpkin, plus a sizable splash of coconut milk and some nutty flax seeds to round out the flavor.

I then added it to about a half cup of leftover quinoa, warming it over medium heat for a scant two minutes. Topped with cinnamon and chopped pecans, I could seriously eat this breakfast every other day and purposefully make extra quinoa to have on hand.

Super easy. Super healthy. Plus, I am the biggest pumpkin fan ever (just search “pumpkin” on my blog and see how many recipes you’ll find). In fact, I’m dreaming up a pumpkin curry soup… so stay tuned for the turnout!

As always, much love to you out there, wherever you are!

xo/ Becky Blue Eyes



One thought on “Pumpkin quinoa breakfast

  1. That DOES look yummy, Becky. Reminds me of the time we went to visit Susie. She was making oatmeal and asked what we put in it. (F.Y.I. She served it buffet style so everyone could personalize. – a great idea for breakfast guests) ANYWAY, I said, raisins, pecans, cinnamon, brown sugar. Looking at the ingredients I commented, ” I just keep adding stuff until it tastes like an oatmeal cookie.” Your breakfast looks just as tasty, but a healthier version. You just keep going,Girl!

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