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Another simple quinoa creation: spinach, beets, avocado

quinoa beets I am seriously obsessed with quinoa right now. But the biggest discovery was not a new recipe but some trivia about this little seed which comes from… wait for it… the same family as spinach! Shocker, right?

I mean, I knew it was a seed. But I didn’t consider that it could actually sprout into a plant. I know, I am dim at times.

Funny enough, quinoa happens to be in the same family as spinach AND beets, which is exactly the combination I discovered last week. And oh my sweet glorious goodness, is it good! And healthy, and fast: my three main tickets in meal-making.

I discovered pre-peeled and roasted beets at Trader Joe’s about a year ago. Every once in a while I grab them, and I never regret it, especially considering I often whip my lunch together on the fly. Avocado makes everything taste better. Plus it adds some healthy fat, helping me stay full longer.

To make:

Throw a ton of spinach into a bowl (or Tupperware, if you’re making lunch to go); then toss well with half of an avocado. Stir in your leftover quinoa and cut, roasted beets. Season with salt and pepper. And that is it. Seriously. It is so simple, so divine. I normally add feta, but can’t right now because of my dietary restrictions. I was pleasantly surprised to find it didn’t need it! Of course, if I had some feta on hand, and could eat it… I would, not gonna lie.

I’m starting to think I could write a book about quinoa creations. And pumpkin, of course.


8 thoughts on “Another simple quinoa creation: spinach, beets, avocado

  1. You make it look so simple to eat healthy. And you are enjoying it. Don’t even ask what I had for Easter dinner.

  2. I’m glad it looks simple. It is! Very easy to manage. Plus, once you start eating healthy, you notice how rotten you feel when you don’t eat healthy. There is a time to celebrate with rich, extravageant food, of course… and Easter is one of those times! So don’t beat yourself up too much. xoxo

  3. Excellent recipe – so chocked full of nutrients! I love quinoa also so I’ll be sure to try this! Oh and I can’t forget to thank you for following my blog! I do hope you’ll feel free to comment once in a while because I enjoy feedback on the entire correlation of health and spirituality. Blessings,

  4. This looks delicious! I made a spinach and beet salad for Easter that I’m planning on posting later today. I never thought of adding quinoa and avocado to the mix. Genius idea :)

    1. Thanks! I love beets. They’re just so messy to cook! Do you roast them whole or chopped? I’ve only tried chopped but I’ve seen recipes that do it otherwise.

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