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Hope. And Coconut Banana Bites (a guilt-free treat!)

There is something extraordinary about hope. Powerful, really. Because along with the promise of hope comes a still, small voice that tells you to take another step, to hold strong, and to believe.

cherryblossomsTake Portland, for example. A city well known for its rain, the hip, Oregon city is indeed wet and grey. For many months of the year. But what outsiders don’t know is that Portland comes with a regular dose of hope. Even in November, the skies can clear as temperatures stretch into the 60s. And in March, the puffy cherry blossoms fill out the trees in colorful pink and white bouquets that make you melt.

It is that dash of hope that gets us through Spring. It whispers encouragement and softens the longing for summer sun. It tells us to savor the moments, the now. For we know that the temperatures will once again dip and the blossoms will soon be swept away as rainy April and May make their way.

It is the hope of health that has spurred me on in The Cleanse. Now nearing its end, I realize my hope has shifted. My hope for healing is now a hope for perseverance. Because after this cleanse is over, I am bound by nothing. I have no guidelines but my own. I am free. Free to succeed or free to fail. I can easily reach for that pint of ice cream or those tater tots patiently waiting for me in my freezer. No one will stop me, not even my conscience.

And that terrifies me. I have made such gains. My hope is that I will continue to reach for fruit instead of chocolate. To keep gluten-free. And to eat only when I need to eat (still working on that one). It helps to have so many great recipes stocked up in my toolbox. In fact, some of my sweet treats will remain on my good list for years to come. One such treat I tried just this morning when I woke up with a hankering for honey. While I’d been avoiding it for most of the last month, I figure it’s a healing, natural food. Plus, Honey Dude splurged on a $9 pint of local honey that is DIVINE. I long ago stopped buying commercial honey, and this jar of gold more than affirms our decision to raise bees this year (more to come on that adventure). Of course, these sweet banana bites would be good without the honey, but that’s your choice!

Coconut Banana Bites


Ingredients: coconut flakes

  • Banana
  • Cashew butter (or choice of nut spread)
  • Unsweetened coconut flakes (large chunk, like I found at Bob’s Red Mill)
  • Local honey


coconut banana bites

  1. Slice banana into 1/2-inch rounds
  2. Dab on some nut butter
  3. Sprinkle on some coconut flakes
  4. Drizzle with honey
  5. Savor slowly, then lick the plate like you’re eight again! (no joke, I did this)

9 thoughts on “Hope. And Coconut Banana Bites (a guilt-free treat!)

  1. This was a beautifully written post. It really resonated with me. I think that everyone can relate to the feeling of hope. You have certainly been strong so far. I’m sure you’ll continue to make the right decisions for you! Also – the banana bites look delicious. :)

    1. Thanks so much! I think I’ve gotten some pretty good sweet treats up my sleeve at this point! Ha. I should never have to buy a box of cookies again! (The upside to this “paleo/cleanse/super restricted” sweet tooth challenge!)

  2. Yummy. This looks like something even I could handle. You do such a great job with the photography. A real pro!

  3. The pink blossoms remind me of your wedding… God provided blossoms for you and laughter to a lonely old man.

    1. I know! They were such a blessing! They came out at just the right time of year. I was thinking about that. The blossoms only stuck around for 3 weeks this year! What a blessing to catch that window last year.

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