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D-Day: The end of my cleanse

Meal planning
Meal plan for the week. A few splurges in there, being my first week of celebration… but lots of fruits, veggies, and quinoa, too!

Well today is the day. I’m officially released from my cleanse, four weeks after the start of which has changed my life.

So D-Day is a call for determination. It may be the end of the cleanse, but it’s a new beginning, too. It’s a time to make the permanent move towards eating better.

Above all, I just can’t go back. Not that I was eating altogether poorly. But I really didn’t put as much thought into it before. I didn’t notice the sugar hidden in food, and I didn’t plan.

Trifecta of yum! Rich avocado, tart blood oranges, and grilled chicken over spinach.
Trifecta of yum! Rich avocado, tart blood oranges, and grilled chicken over spinach.

The bonus: I love the meals we dined on. Among my favorite new dinners: Blood orange chicken salad, mango shrimp, tasty coconut curry, yummy turkey meatballs and citrus grilled tuna (recipes to come). Plus, I discovered quinoa for breakfast and a multitude of sugar-free snacks! Banana “ice cream,” coconut banana bites, cinnamon baked apples, smoothie pops, and walnut-date balls wrapped in coconut. Yum, yum, yum. We’re talking all-natural goodies here! You can’t beat it.

So while I could be overwhelmed by the transition, I choose to be determined. I’ve been missing my weekly pizza and my morning yogurt/applesauce combo. And I’ve also been craving things I don’t normally eat. Like cake and homemade biscuits. Of course, I also have to perfect the GF pie crust, after my horrible nightmare of an experience. So I plan on tackling a few gluten free recipes along these lines. But, my dear friends, I vow to keep running the race. I will strive to eat healthy, because healthy feels good.

Thank you for being determined with me! It’s your encouragement that spurs me on, and your recipes that inspire. I heart you!


6 thoughts on “D-Day: The end of my cleanse

    1. Oh yay! That’s great to hear. I have a feeling it will be easy, too. I just loved the way I ate, truthfully. It feels awful to splurge on something totally not worth it (like the fakey hot cocoa I enjoyed tonight. I would have been happy with tea!) No regrets. Just onward. Full steam! Thanks for your encouragement!

  1. Hi Becky,

    Can you please remove me from your blog. This is my old work email and I am no longer working there. Thanks, Love, Deb


    1. Hey Deb! I can’t actually do that to my knowledge. I think it’s all up to you to unsubscribe. Is there a button somewhere in the emails you’re receiving? Because I don’t have any access to any email addresses listed from my followers. Hope that helps! I heard that you have retired! That is great. What excitement!! You could have your own catering company for kicks… :)

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