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Pie for breakfast. And coconut date bites.

I just had pie for breakfast. No joke (speaking of regret). I guess you could say my first week off the cleanse has been a bit too celebratory, a bit counter-productive, even. My poor system. It gets all clean and healthy and then I put a bunch of crud in it!

  • On Monday: Small square of dark chocolate plus hot cocoa with peppermint whip and candy cane
  • Tuesday: Half of a GF waffle with hazelnuts, banana, and caramel drizzle, thanks to Portland’s lovely new Babica Hen (and two darling girlfriends who didn’t judge me for it, or the savory half, topped with shredded pork, coleslaw, and blue cheese)
  • Wednesday: A scrumptious marionberry bar shared with Honey Dude in the morning (I love coffee dates with my hubby!) AND a fine wedge of banana cream pie before supper
  • Thursday: Said pie, for breakfast!

I know you thought I was strong. I thought it, too. But I’m just another sugar-obsessed girl who struggles with the world’s greatest lust.

The thing is, I had such high hopes of keeping sugar largely at bay, with all of the naturally sugar-free alternatives I concocted during the month. But when Honey Dude says he’s going to make you a gluten free banana cream pie, you let him. In the future, I’m thinking I’ll bring these all-natural “delight bites” back into play:

Coconut Date Bites

Coconut Date Bites
Healthy, clean food. No sugar added. Yet so divine!

Ingredients (makes 12 baby bites):

  • 10 Medjool dates, pitted
  • 1/3 cup walnuts
  • 2 tbsp shredded coconut, unsweetened


  1. Throw your dates and walnuts into a food processor until pliable 
  2. Form into mini balls of goodness (size is up to you; I chose the size of an American quarter)
  3. Roll in unsweetened coconut, covering all sides well
  4. Store in the fridge in an air-tight container
  5. Enjoy two at a time for six days (or less, if you have another sweet tooth in the house)


I search high and low for yummy sweets and snacks that are healthy and easy (I love 5 ingredients or less!). Do you have any recipes? Please include links! Thank you, fellow bloggers and friends! I heart you.


5 thoughts on “Pie for breakfast. And coconut date bites.

  1. Great post and thanks for sharing!… I’m Elizabeth and I found you on the UBP13 and so glad I did! I’m following you now and I am a new blogger. I hope you can come by and follow me at http:mybutterflyhaus,!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for the love!! I will def check out your blog. It’s a lovely journey, I must say. And it’s made even better by the people out there in blogland. What a great community of encouragers! xo

  2. These look yummy. A good snack to satisfy that sweet tooth. In moderation, of course. I’ve been eating quinoa/banana for breakfast. What amazed me is how satisfying it is. Not hungry soon afterwards. Also, just sweet enough that I don’t need to follow it up with an M & M chaser.

    1. That is so awesome, momma!! I feel the same way about quinoa. Have you been blending the banana before adding it? Or just tossing in some slices? I discovered another good one: regular cooked quinoa with raspberries and bananas thrown on top. So, so good! A few pecans or unsweetened coconut flakes help liven it up when I need it. Great job!

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