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Honey Dude and the Honey Hive: Bees for beginners


Long ago, somewhere in the midst of just-married land, I dubbed my husband “Honey Dude” and our new home, the “Honey Hive.” That was before beekeeping grew a little pea in our pod.

Funny enough, we were watching “The Secret Life of Bees” (one of my favorite books) when I said I could picture Honey Dude rocking the bee scene. That was at six. By nine, he went to bed with the dream in his heart and a plan at hand.

I wish I could say I had the foresight to predict our path into honeyland, thus the appropriate titles. But Honey Dude was just one of those cute pet names that stuck. And who could resist a Honey Hive, where nature’s finest sugar is tucked into the walls, all warm and cozy? Not me, for sure.

The great bee adventure

Honey Dude gets zipped in for the inaugural bee move-in. They will like their house. It’s cute!


But first HD has to reach his hand in to retrieve The Queen. Scary!


After the very brave¬†maneuver, he replaces the plug on the queen’s cage with a candy plug that the worker bees eat through. Apparently, it’s very important for the bees to release her and establish loyalty, since she’s not their original queen.



There is only one queen per hive. Her main goal in life is to make babies! And everyone else treats her like, well, a queen.


And then! Honey Dude had to shake the bees into the hive. Shake them in!


The bees quickly huddle around the queen to protect her.


Honey Dude didn’t even wear gloves. And yet, only one sting to the hand.


The sugar water is there to feed them, since they have yet to make honeycomb and the nearby blossoms are still blooming.


A wild adventure, for sure! We can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I keep hearing that we shouldn’t expect any honey this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on hope!


8 thoughts on “Honey Dude and the Honey Hive: Bees for beginners

  1. Make no mistake about it, Honey Dude has a charming sense of humor and keeps us all in smiles, yet I don’t recall seeing a picture of him with such a big smile on his face. LOVE that picture! Sweet things await you.

  2. Enjoy your blog. I can relate to many of your experiences and feelings. We are beekeepers and Christians as well, though quite a few decades older! How can anyone look at a bee hive or learn about all the blessings from the hive, and not believe in a mighty God?!

    1. I know! God is truly masterful! Thanks for your support; I love wisdom passed down from folks who’ve been through more adventures than me. Please share it all!! :) We’re very much rookies and only have one small hive. It’s so exciting though! How much do you have? And do you sell your honey or just make it for your family?

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