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Banana Manna Cakes

My favorite time of day is bedtime, when Honey Dude and I snuggle and giggle and bring out the goofy. We say some odd things in those last moments of the day. When all the stress has passed and not a worry resides on our brow. When the simple treasure of rest allows us to breathe easy, delight in peace, and uncork the gratitude.

So it was in this state of semi-consciousness that Honey Dude and I began to count our blessings, and fix our imaginations on heaven. It was here, among giggles and squeals, that we first discovered banana manna.

Indeed, we decided, heaven would have manna, like the Israelites had manna during the Exodus. God’s provision, these flaky, little cakes would pop up every morning and feed thousands. There wasn’t anything exciting about this manna. It was simply sustenance. But there was always enough. And it couldn’t be stock-piled for later, or it would rot, teaching the Israelites to trust God, to rely on Him, as they wandered through the desert towards the Promise Land.

Surely heaven would have manna, too, we decided: Banana manna, in the form of mini banana cream pies that would sprout from the ground, to be plucked and eaten, fingers licked clean. Just think of all of the effort and joy a baker gets from crafting remarkably beautiful pastries made with precision and love. That joy, that love is what the Father felt towards us when He created us! So could heaven have a buffet of cream pies and fruit tarts? Only God knows.

Banana Manna Cakes

These are so simple and so good, you’re going to have to try them to believe it. That was my reasoning. I found the recipe on the great, Tested by Mum blog and slightly adapted it. If you use a 1:1 ratio of banana to egg, they are yummy and come out thicker and fluffier. I opt for the crepe-like consistency found in the 1:2 banana-egg ratio. Either way: delish. And wholesome! Coincidentally, I decided to tackle them the day after all the goofy banana manna talk. So naturally, the name stuck.
Banana Manna


(makes 4-5 mini cakes, serves one)

  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs
  • Cinnamon
  • Dallop of butter (or Earth Balance, like I prefer)


  1. 069Puree the banana in your Magic Bullet (or blender of choice)
  2. Whisk two eggs into a bowl, adding the pureed banana and a good shake of cinnamon
  3. Heat your skillet on medium, drop a bit of butter, and pour batter onto pan in 1/4 cup measurements
  4. Flip after about 2 minutes, or until bottom is nice and golden brown
  5. Enjoy all by themselves. No sweetener needed! Of course if you wanted to, they are also pretty good with shredded coconut or pecans whipped into the batter, or topped with cashew butter and honey or pure bliss, Nutella. Mmmm.
Pecan Banana Manna
Pecan Banana Manna
Coconut banana manna
Coconut cashew banana manna
Nutella Banana Manna
Nutella banana manna

14 thoughts on “Banana Manna Cakes

  1. The nutella banana manna looks delicious! I love nutella. It’s one of those items I shouldn’t keep in the house because I will eat spoonfuls of it from the jar. Terrible, but delicious. Yummy post!

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