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Bringing back the Honey Day

holding hands

Honey Day happens every week, midweek, when both Honey Dude and I have the day off. In the first several months of our marriage, we took this day to adventure. We would hike or find a swimming hole. We’d garden or take a long bike ride to the park, with horseshoes in tow.

But then something awful happened. We started doing chores and errands on Honey Day. We didn’t notice the transition because we were still enjoying time together. But it wasn’t restful or playful or really anything at all except chores and errands. So we decided to bring it back. Destination: Hot springs. With a long, riverside drive through the woods plus a spontaneous pit-stop to skip rocks.

Smart move, I tell you. Having fun together, adventuring together on a mid-week day, is a special little gift that does something extraordinary for our marriage. It takes us past the to-do list, beyond the normalcy of everyday life, and into an intimate, unmatched bond of joy. We hold hands and we giggle. We talk about Jesus and dream about the future. We act like children!

What could be more healing, unifying, joy-giving, and peaceful than a Honey Day? Honestly, we won’t always have time like we have time now. Little ones seem to change that ratio…

So for now, honey days will continue. We will fight for the Honey Day! Even when chores call, we will fight.

hot tub


honey hikers

“Has not the Lord made them one? In flesh and spirit, they are his.” Malachi 2:15


6 thoughts on “Bringing back the Honey Day

  1. So, so important. It is equally important, even more so once you have HoneyBabies. Don’t forget. F.Y.I. We have been trying adaptations of your recipes. Baby Steps.

    1. I am sure it is even more important to fight for those days when the babes come round. It will be much harder to make it happen, I’m sure! Glad to hear you are doing some new recipes! Which ones? Did you like them???!

    1. Thank you! I stopped by your site and really enjoyed your posts, too. A lot! I’m grateful for a healthy body these days and eating good food plays a big part! So does prayer. :)

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