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How to nix the sugar fix

Honey Dude admitted something to me yesterday that struck a chord in my own guilty conscience. Sugar overload. We can’t stop. Now that the cleanse is behind us, our eating habits have gone back to the way they were. Sure, we eat healthy. We do. But we also eat crummy. And sugar? Well that’s our greatest weakness.

At a low point, I found myself at the grocery store late at night – with a hankering for a snack, no less. Bad idea. Along with the normal weekly pick-up, I had grabbed a few gluten free snackies and my ultimate weakness: Nutella. I know I’m not alone in the Nutella craze. So not alone.


Because I’m gluten free, and Honey Dude is not, I’ve asked him to only put Nutella on the caramel rice cakes (so the knife doesn’t go back into the Nutella and cross-contaminate the whole jar!). He obliged. So now it’s our thing. We have it every other day.

Yet we do wonder. What can we do to stop this? How can we curb this insatiable sugar lust? If you have tips, please share! We want to conquer this thing. Is it self-control, alone, that will give us victory?


3 thoughts on “How to nix the sugar fix

  1. I recently read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and he mentioned that when you are trying to change a habit you can replace a less desirable habit with one that is more desirable. So if you’re really looking for something sweet maybe you could have fruit instead of nutella or a little bit of nutella with an apple or something like that. Everything in moderation right?

  2. cute! :)

    No I don’t have any miracle cure… sorry! :/ Lol

    I just wanted to say that as I’ve gotten older, my craving for sugar continues to grow… It always puzzles me actually?!

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