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The Secret Six: Lessons learned from the cleanse

Back in March, I journeyed into cleanse land, where my diet restrictions were numerous, yet meals were delicious and fairly easy to manage. It wouldn’t be too difficult to continue eating that way. I ate a lot of quinoa and chicken, fruits and veggies. It was great. I also learned some new tricks and alternatives to satisfying the sweet tooth, or adding flavor without adding junk.

Seven weeks after the month-long cleanse has ended, I am back to eating “normal,” minus gluten and peanuts, known for compromising kidney function. After a week of splurges (gluten free pizza, gluten free bun with my turkey burger, gluten free pastries), I am back to everyday eating. As I make new choices to reflect all I’ve learned, I settle on my secret six, including some new discoveries from the cleanse plus several long-standing eating habits I gathered over time.

The Secret Six

1) Crisp cabbage makes an excellent “chip” to dip into rich, chunky, homemade guacamole (or any other dip, for that matter)

Cabbage: the perfect chip!

2) Quinoa makes a good replacement for breakfast oats (topped with fresh fruit and coconut flakes!)


3) Balsamic vinegar, olive oil and avocado are my best friends, filled with flavor

Tomato cucumber salad

4) Dates and bananas are so sweet by nature that they’re like candy

Coconut Date Bites

5) Salads don’t have to be monotonous and boring

Paleo lunch day 4

6) I can, in fact, enjoy rich, decadent delights without sugar, caffeine, and alcohol (not to mention: grains, dairy, soy, red meat, pork, and nuts!)

Chicken drummies


2 thoughts on “The Secret Six: Lessons learned from the cleanse

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. We’ve added Quinoa to our diet and learned to pronounce it correctly. The cabbage “chip” is a new one on me. We’ll give that a try as well.

    1. Yay! That’s awesome. The cabbage chip was such a random discovery. I just wanted guacamole so bad! And I could have all of the ingredients. I just needed a means to an end. I just happened to have cabbage on hand. :)

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