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DIY Kitchen Cork Board


Summer always brings an onslaught of invitations, from weddings to baby showers plus graduation and good old-fashioned summer gatherings. In an effort to protect my fridge from looking overwhelmingly crowded, I decided to make a little announcement board for the kitchen using some plain cork board and a large picture frame, both sitting unused in my cupboards, along with some craft letters leftover from another craft project.

I liked the white frame, so I didn’t paint it. But I did choose to bring in some kitchen colors as accents. I had a red check fabric and replicated the brick red and mustard yellow simply using craft paint and a sponge brush on the letters. Then, all you really need is a pair of scissors, hot glue, and a few push pins to use on the finished product.

The result was exactly what I wanted: A place to put all of those festive party reminders, mixed with a splash of fun. Plus, it was easy-peasy. I recommend it!





That about wraps it up! Simple as that. Let me know if you made yourself a little DIY kitchen board of your own! xo


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