May Health & Fitness Challenge

I needed this. Structure, goals, a glimpse into the life of the self-controlled. The first two are my token traits. I strive for structure and, given a half hour of free time, will often grab a pen and paper to rewrite (again) my week’s schedule.

It’s sick, I know.

But the self-control thing: not a fan. I really only eat fruits and veggies because I love them. I exercise because it feels SO GOOD. I enjoy these things. Don’t for one second think I have an ounce of self-control.

It’s pretty obvious if you spot me at a party. I’m the one loading my plate for seconds, piling the buttery biscuits and chocolate eclairs on my plate, wondering why the hostess always puts out such small plates.

My May Health & Fitness Challenge 

  1. Spend time with Jesus. Every. Day.
  2. Drink water. Lots of water.
  3. Substitute tea for coffee at least twice per week.
  4. Limit sweets. No more than one treat per day, girl!
  5. Take my multi-vitamin and prescribed herbals.
  6. Walk at least twice per week. Hopefully more, but I need to be reasonable here.
  7. Hike with Honey Dude once per week. At least!
  8. Light yoga near daily. Nothing too crazy.
  9. Run or 30 minutes of cardio 2-3 times per week. This is the hard one.
  10. Make wise food choices at work, where we all eat dinner together before the rush.

That is one long list. Too long? Maybe. But this is the ideal. I’ll keep you posted and be honest. Heck, I need the accountability if I’m going to do this whole “self-control” thing. It helps that I’ve been somewhat vague in my challenge list. What’s “a lot of water” anyways??

P.S. Thank you, Atlanta Mom of Three, for the inspiration, motivation, and accountability.


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