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May Health Goals Revisited

I love it when health goals go viral. It is so encouraging to know that you are part of a flock, collectively beating your wings in one direction. So thanks to Valerie at Atlanta Mom of Three, I took on a few health goals for May. Simply because she did. And I like putting lofty goals in front of me. (For instance: tonight I asked Honey Dude how many hiking miles we should log this summer. He said 20. I said 300.)

In a like manner, after one of my besties saw my list, she too took on the challenge and created a list of her own. As it turns out, her successes this week (lots of cardio) were my failures. But who’s counting? This isn’t a competition. It’s a partnership. A team.

And this team is all about accountability. So here’s the report on my week:

1. Spend time with Jesus. Every. Day.

Score: Needs work. I found peace on numerous occasions when I popped open my Bible this week, but I’d like to dedicate more concentrated time to worship and prayer. I’m adding a clarifier: Daily scripture and prayer plus a 20-minute devotional three times per week.

2. Drink water. Lots of water.

Score: Poor. When I work at the restaurant, I drink a ton of water. Other times: not so much. I need to actually start tracking like Valerie (read her post), but I need a bunch of clean hair-ties first! Let’s make “lots” = 4 pints per day.

3. Substitute tea for coffee at least twice per week.

Score: Promising. Instead of heading straight for the french press, I did start off with tea several mornings this week. Sadly, I often switched to coffee later in the morning. Oops!

4. Limit sweets. No more than one treat per day, girl!

Score: Good. I love this “rule”! It helps me say “no” to sweets if I know I had something wonderful earlier in the day… or it helps me say “no” early in the day if I know I’m having a treat later. It’s so brilliant. This way, every day has a little sunshine, and I don’t feel deprived!

5. Take my multi-vitamin and prescribed herbals.

Score: Fail. I don’t think I took one multi-vitamin all week. I just hate taking down those horse pills! And the prescribed herbals come tomorrow. So hopefully I get on that stat.

6. Walk at least twice per week. Hopefully more, but I need to be reasonable here.

Score: Good. I like walking, so this isn’t a chore in the least. Daily would be nice, but I prefer a realistic goal here, so I’ll stick with two days per week.

7. Hike with Honey Dude once per week. At least!

Score: Fail. Our schedules were uber crispy this past week. We hardly even saw each other, let alone had time for a hike. We’ll get it, though. I’m sure of it.

Even though the snow is deep, spring hiking is lovely (especially with Honey Dude there to capture moments like this!)

8. Light yoga near daily. Nothing too crazy.

Score: Good. This is a trend I’d love to carry for the rest of my life! It just takes morning motivation, but if I can wait a half hour before prepping my caffeine fix, it is a great way to wake-up. And it leaves me feeling fit all day (even though I am not!).

9. Run or do 30 minutes of cardio 2-3 times per week. This is the hard one.

Score: Fail. Yeah, I knew this would happen. It is a hard one. I still want to start running (if it ever stops snowing here), so I’ll reduce it down to one run per week, simply because I neeeeed to start somewhere.

10. Make wise food choices at work, where we all eat dinner together before the rush.

Score: Moderate. I have been extremely cautious of what I consume at work. But it isn’t the healthiest food overall (we’re talking Mexican here). I’ll keep at it.

I hope you’re progressing along in your own goals, friends. It always helps me to know my goals, and share them. So feel free to share! xo


4 thoughts on “May Health Goals Revisited

  1. Seriously, THAT is the current weather where you live?! O_O
    I love how you scored all your goals – very clear and allows you to see what needs more attention next week.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Yes, it’s beautiful here, but still snowing! I’m ready for spring now. Haha. Thanks for the encouragement on the goals! I really like your water tracking tip. So smart. Xo

  2. For week 1 of trying my goals, I had a mixed bag of success as you seemed to. I need to get to my devos FIRST thing every morning…with or without Darien :) I think that’s what I’ll focus on most this week. And sweets. I think since breast-feeding started, I didn’t care really what I was eating, but I need to think more consciously about my sugar intake. So. Let’s continue! Sounds like you’re doing a great job! Miss you!

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