Scholarships are coming in!

God is so good. Within this last week, two people have contacted me to sponsor a gal to come on the Women’s Faith Retreat in late October. This is so exciting! Because many people in my region cannot afford to go on a retreat like this. Yet many need it.

I’m convinced that retreats are healing and holistic. Gather a group of Godly women and there is bound to be fun and laughter. There is bound to be good food and hugs to help the tears. Because there is bound to be pain of the heart there, too.

Just because we are Christians does not mean we have it all together. No, oh no. It just means that we recognize our need for Christ. We know who we should put our hope in. But if you’re anything like me, the “should” doesn’t always lead to action. I start to put my hope in me, in what I can do to make a situation better. When I start to shift that power back into God’s hands, when I actually surrender it, I am repeatedly amazed by what comes next. Peace. Wisdom. Direction. I allow God to put the pieces into place, instead of haphazardly trying to duct tape it all together in my limited understanding. After all, He has a big picture that we don’t understand. Why do we even try to figure it out and control it??

Sometimes you just need to get away, like Jesus did when he routinely went up into the mountains to pray. Why did he escape? Probably because there is a better vantage point from afar. There is a change in perspective. Instead of looking inwardly with resentment and anxiety, we begin to look outwardly at the people in our lives who need love, too. And we begin to see that God has it all in His capable, trusting hands.

“Peace, Love & Paper Crafts” retreat is about refreshing our spirit in the Lord. It’s about renewing our heart to love and surrendering our ugly stuff for lasting peace. It also incorporates some fancy card projects for us to take home, plus plenty of pampering, rest and renewal. I have a lovely log home rented with beautiful log beds for as many as 12 women. The fun begins with Happy Hour on Friday, October 24th at 4 PM and doesn’t end until Sunday, October 26th at 10:30 AM. If you know anyone who would like to go, please tell them about it! And consider paying for them as a gift.

Scholarships still welcome. God bless you!


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